20/20 Vision?

Summer is not quite over and autumn has not really arrived, and yet a new Season of Sojo is just about here and I’ve been thinking about all the ways we are creating community together. From our Sojo Sundays full of creative, contemplative practices, to preaching the Good News on behalf of the least of these at Bethel, to the occasional Pub Theology and pancake dinner and even blustery beach goodbyes, we have been and continue to be a vibrant little community with so much to share.

I’ve started planning our calendar of Sundays and other days with a head full of exciting ideas for deepening our connections with our ideal selves, one another, our community and our Creator; and with an eye toward the year that is right around the corner – 2020 – VISION is the theme that is emerging for our coming year together.

I am not just thinking about our vision for Sojourners, although I am also thinking about that. I’ve been really thinking about our individual and collective vision and these are the kinds of questions hovering like floaters in my mind…

On any given day, what do we see? What catches our eye and what remains invisible?

Who do we see? Who passes right in front of us unnoticed?

Where do I see most clearly?

When are my eyes most open to the people and events around me?

How do I see myself? Do I really see myself? How do I want to be seen?

What do I look for and what compels me to avert my eyes?

What are we hungry to see? What do we want to fade from sight?

These are just some of the questions that I’m allowing to gently drive my theological and practical trajectory for our new year at Sojourners’. I wonder what sight-related questions you might add? What other ideas or questions do you have about the vision for Sojourners’ 2020?

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